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6 Possible Ways to Deal With Your Old Roof

Is the roof on your commercial building more than 10, 20, or even 30 years old? If so, you officially have an old roof on your hands.

You might think that this means you\’re going to need to do a roof replacement sometime soon. But there are a bunch of different ways in which you can deal with an aged roof before you need to consider replacing it.

Today, we\’re going to discuss six things you can do to an old roof to breathe life back into it. Learn more about each of the options you\’ll have below.

1. Clean It

If you have an old roof sitting on the top of your commercial building, it might not look very nice right now. But that doesn\’t necessarily mean that you\’re going to need to perform roof replacement anytime soon.

As long as your roof isn\’t leaking or on the verge of collapse, simply cleaning it could make it look like new again. You can bring a commercial roofing company on board to remove stains, mildew, and more from your old roof.

Cleaning your commercial roof will make your entire building look better. It\’ll also prevent things like water, leaves, sticks, and other debris from doing long-lasting damage to your roof and possibly your building as a whole.

2. Repair It

If you have an old roof that is starting to develop leaks in it, you\’re going to need to do more than just clean it. You\’ll have to contact a commercial roofing company and have them address these leaks sooner rather than later.

Even if you only have a few small leaks in your old roof, it isn\’t going to be long before they turn into a huge headache. They can cause portions of your roof to collapse, and they can also lead to the interior of your business sustaining water damage.

Ideally, you should try to prevent commercial roof leaks from popping up in the first place. But if you aren\’t able to do that, attacking leaks by obtaining the right roof repair services from a roofing company will be a necessity.

3. Restore It

If you happen to have a metal roof on your commercial building, it should last you a whole lot longer than 30 years. But at some point, you might need to work to restore it to ensure that it\’s able to set your building up with the protection it needs.

During the metal roof restoration process, you can have a roofing company put a complete waterproofing system on your old roof. While doing this, they\’ll use an acrylic elastomeric roof coating to stop leaks from forming, prevent rust, and keep your roof in great shape for years to come.

Restoring a commercial roof will cost just a fraction of what a brand-new roof will. But it\’ll make it feel like you have a new roof hanging over your head once the restoration process is finished.

4. Spray Foam It

If you suspect that the old roof on your commercial building might be increasing your energy bills every month, you should try to do something about this. A roofing company might be able to spray foam your old roof to make it way more energy efficient than it is now.

A great commercial roofing company will utilize something like Conklin\’s Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) System to insulate and waterproof your old roof in no time at all. It\’ll make your old roof more energy efficient, and it\’ll also stop your roof from leaking if it has developed any leaks in it.

5. Re-Roof It

If you have an old roof that has seen better days, you might not be able to get around tearing it off and replacing it with a new one. But depending on what type of commercial roof you have, you might also be able to consider re-roofing it.

When you re-roof an old roof, you\’ll place a new roof on top of your existing one. While it isn\’t always possible to do this with certain kinds of roofs, it could be an excellent option for you in certain cases.

You\’ll be able to get around the costs associated with ripping an old roof off when you decide to re-roof it. It\’s an option worth considering if your budget won\’t allow for you to do a complete roof tear-off.

6. Replace It

If your old roof is beyond repair, the only option that you might have left is to replace it entirely. Although this is going to be the most expensive option, there will obviously come a time when you\’ll need to replace your old roof with a roof that is stronger and more durable.

The good news is that, once you do this, you shouldn\’t have to worry about doing it again. Most modern-day commercial roofs are built to last for a very long time.

But you might want to explore all your other available options before deciding to replace your roof. A commercial roofing company might be able to come up with a better solution to whatever roof problems you happen to be having at this time.

Take the Right Approach to Dealing With Your Old Roof

Are you having issues with the old roof on your commercial building right now? We would love to lend a hand to you and show you how you can bring it back to life.

We offer a wide range of commercial roof repair and replacement services in Marshfield, WI, Stevens Point, WI, Plover, WI, and many of the surrounding areas. From metal roof restoration to the application of spray polyurethane foam systems, we can do it all for you.

Contact us today for all your commercial roofing needs.

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