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7 Signs Your Commercial Building in Stevens Point, WI Needs a Metal Roof Repair

Did you know that about 90% of the roofing market is from replacement alone?

While metal roofs are one of the most durable commercial building materials, constant exposure to external conditions may lead to damage. If left unchecked, it may lead to bigger roof issues that may warrant roof replacements. But commercial roof replacements can be expensive.

To avoid costly roof replacements, you need to know when your roof has issues so you can fix them as soon as possible. Below are signs your commercial building needs metal roof repairs:


One common problem associated with metal roofs is leakage. Common causes of leakage on metal roofs are:

  • Perforations caused by nails
  • Movement of the sheets or panels
  • Damaged flashing
  • Deflection
  • Using incompatible materials
  • Open laps

Once you notice water coming through your roof when it rains, it may be time to talk to a commercial roofing contractor. But sometimes it isn’t simple to identify leakages, especially in commercial buildings where the underside of the roof isn’t visible.

If this is the case, you may need to look out for secondary signs of leakage, like water spots on the ceiling, moldy spots, or the presence of a foul smell in your building.


Paint serves as a form of a waterproof coating on commercial metal roofs. However, paint is susceptible to dents, chips, and eventually fading. This is often due to hail, falling debris, and fluctuating temperatures. Chipped and fading paint is not only unsightly, but it may often be a sign of corrosion.

You should schedule commercial roof repairs as soon as you notice discoloration on your roof. It can help protect your property from potential rust and water damage.

Punctures and Tears

Your commercial metal roof is strong enough for people to walk on it. However, there is a limit to the amount of weight you put on it. Consistent foot traffic from animals, tree damage, or tool drops on your roof may lead to roof tears and punctures.

Roof punctures and tears expose the roof to leaks, causing damage to your property. If you notice punctures and tears on your roof, it is best to get emergency metal roof repairs. They know how to move on your metal flat roof without causing further damage.

Loose Panels

Your commercial metal roof expands and contracts, depending on the temperatures outside. Over time, this movement can lead to separation between the metal when the screws loosen. Once the panels become loose, your roof may be susceptible to wind and storm damage.

If you notice strange noises during windy days, you may have loose roofing panels. You can confirm by checking to see if all your roof panels are lying flat on the surface. Alternatively, you can hire commercial roofers to come to inspect your roof.

Once they confirm your roof has loose panels, they will fasten them for enhanced grip and protection.


Commonly referred to as oil canning, metal roof wrinkling can be a serious aesthetic concern. When it happens, your roof often appears to have waves or wrinkles. Wrinkling may occur due to:

  • Expansion and contraction of metal
  • Overtightened roof fasteners
  • Uneven underlayment
  • Mishandling roof panels, especially during installation
  • Roll forming

While wrinkling doesn’t affect the functionality of your roof, it can make your commercial roof look unappealing. If your roof is wavy or wrinkly in some areas, you may need to get in touch with a commercial roofing company for repairs.

Roof Sagging

Your metal roofs should always look complete and never show any sagging. But excessive loads or weight can weaken your roof’s structure, causing it to sag. Some things that can add stress to your roof and cause sagging include snow and ice buildup, wind pressure, and excessive layers of roofing materials.

If you don’t take care of sagging soon enough, the excessive weight can weaken your roof and cause further damage. Once you notice your roof is uneven or sinking on one side, you should roof repair services right away.

Indoor Temperature Changes

A functional roof should offer proper insulation, allowing your commercial building to have steady temperatures. However, damage to your roof can cause extreme temperature variations. This may lead to discomfort and also increase your power consumption.

If you’re experiencing extreme temperature changes in your building, you may have an issue with your metal roof structure. Getting a professional roof repair can make your commercial building more comfortable. What’s more, it can also improve energy efficiency in your property and reduce your utility bills.

Benefits of Professional Metal Roof Restorations

Even if your roof has issues, you may not need a whole new roof. Roof restorations are the most economical solution for your commercial building. Here’s why:

Less Costly

No matter what, fixing roof issues can cost some money. But paying for roof restorations is much less expensive than replacing your whole roof. As a commercial building owner, you can save more than half the costs with roof restorations since they need much less labor and materials.

Non-Disruptive and Quick

As a business owner, roof replacements can significantly interrupt the flow of your business. They can be noisy and can cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, roof restorations are much quieter and less obtrusive. Choosing roof restoration can allow you to proceed with your business as usual.

Extended Roof Life

Roof restorations can help protect it from the elements. When you have roof restoration done before your roof degrades, it can add another 10 to 15 years into its life. This can give you plenty of time to budget for a roof replacement in the future.

Eco-Friendly Solution

There is a lot of wasted materials going to the landfills during a roof replacement. Since roof restorations need fewer materials, they’re more sustainable. They often use the existing roof as much as possible, rather than using new ones.

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