How long does the average commercial roof last? A commercial roof that is made from TPO can last anywhere from 22 to 35 years. However, there are many reasons why you may need to replace your commercial roofing system, even if it isn’t that old.

By learning more about these signs, you will know exactly when to replace your commercial roof and when you can repair it.

Do you want to learn more about replacing a roof on your commercial building? Keep reading these top seven signs that you need a new commercial roof.

1. Bubbling & Blistering

One of the most common signs that you need to replace your commercial roof is if it has bubbling or blistering. TPO and other membrane roofing systems deal with this when a bubble forms underneath the membrane.

It is typically caused by trapped moisture from poor installation or ventilation.

Although small bubbles are not serious threats to your roof, they can cause significant damage to your roof when they are not repaired. If your roof has too many bubbles, cracks, or blisters, it is best to replace it.

2. Ponding

Another common problem with commercial roofing systems is ponding. This is when there is a low spot on the roof, which causes puddles to form when it rains. This can be due to structural damage to your roof, poor drainage, and more.

If you don’t repair your roof, this ponding will worsen and can threaten the structural integrity of your roof.

3. Wind Damage

Wind damage is another reason that many commercial roofs need to be replaced. While this is not always common with membrane roofs, it can happen if the seams are not properly sealed.

When there is a loose seam, wind can get between the layers of your roof and blow the membrane open, exposing the decking beneath. This can also happen in areas where the membrane connects to the flashing of your roof.

If you are dealing with blowoffs or other types of wind damage, it is best to replace your roof and get it installed properly.

4. Visible Leaks

Next, you may need to replace your commercial roof if you notice visible water leaks. If there are water spots on the walls or attic, this is a sure sign that there is some type of leak in your property.

Another sign of water damage is peeling paint on the walls.

As your roof gets older, it becomes more difficult for the membrane of your commercial roofing system to keep out water and other natural elements. If you don’t repair or replace your roof quickly, this can lead to rot and decay in your roof.

5. Musty Odors

Even if you don’t see any visible leaks, you may recognize other signs that your commercial roof is failing.

One sure sign of water damage in your commercial property is musty odors. When you have a hidden leak in your roof, it can easily start to grow mold in your walls and in your ceiling, which may be the cause of the musty odors.

Often, this can be remedied by making a simple roof repair or re-roofing your commercial building. It is important to fix this as soon as possible, as the mold can cause serious health problems and it can also lead to worse problems with the structure of your roof.

6. Climbing Energy Bills

Something that is a sign of an old or worn-out roof is climbing energy bills. Often, a commercial roof plays a big role in the insulation of your property. If your energy bills suddenly begin to climb, it may be your roof that is causing the issue.

Another reason why your old commercial roof may not be insulating as well is that it has lost its reflectivity.

Many membrane roofing systems use white, reflective materials to reflect the sun rather than absorb it. This keeps your roof cooler, which helps lower your energy bills. As the reflective surface fades, it forces your cooling system to work harder.

This will result in higher energy bills. If you notice this issue with your commercial roof, you may want to reach out to a commercial roofing company to get a free inspection.

7. Worn Out Roofing Materials

Finally, you may need to replace your commercial roof if you notice considerable wear and tear or worn-out roofing materials.

Things like age, extreme temperatures, and other weather concerns can wear out your roofing materials. Even if there are no visible signs of damage to your roof, you should get a roofing inspection to make sure the materials are in good shape.

Even if you have an old commercial roof, there are ways that you can restore your roofing system so it will last longer. At Yutzy Roofing Services, we provide a Spray Polyurethane Foam system that acts as a seamless barrier to insulate and waterproof your roof.

This way, you can stop leaks, restore the reflective surface of your roof, and increase your energy efficiency.

Need to Replace Your Commercial Roofing System?

When you have a commercial roof, it is important that you learn to recognize each of these commercial roof problems. This way, you can get your roof repaired or replaced before it causes further damage.

Do you need help replacing a roof or repairing a roof? Yutzy Roofing Services can help! Our Eau Clair, WI roofing company provides everything from commercial roof repair and replacement to roof restoration and more.

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