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7 Surprising Advantages of Roof Coatings and Sealants

Are you considering having your roof replaced?

For a business owner, it\’s a major decision. Repairing a roof on a commercial building can be exorbitantly expensive. And replacing the roof altogether can break the bank.

Roof coatings, on the other hand, can often do the job just as well, and at much less expense. Far more than a quick stopgap, a roof coating can fix some of the most common problems, as well as extend your roof\’s lifespan.

Let\’s take a look at seven unexpected advantages that come with using roof coatings and sealants for commercial roofs.

1. Energy Efficiency

One of the major advantages of roof coatings is that they can realize huge savings in energy costs.

For instance, using a white elastomeric roof coating is a great way to cut down on cooling expenses. The white roof coat absorbs less heat, creating an insulating barrier and reflecting away the sun\’s energy.

The result is a noticeable temperature difference between a roof that\’s been treated in this way and one that hasn\’t. It\’s a natural way to lower the temperature during the summer months, and this translates into much less energy consumption.

A simple roof spray can lead to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. What\’s not to love?

2. Extended Roof Life

If energy efficiency isn\’t your thing, there are plenty of other reasons to use roof coatings and sealants.

One of the primary benefits is that they extend the life of your roof. We\’ve already seen how they can fend off the sun\’s rays and lower your business\’ cooling costs. A commercial roof coating or metal roof sealant also waterproofs and protects against UV rays.

Overall, this additional protection means less roof maintenance over time, extending your roof\’s life and saving you money.

3. Prevents Roof Damage

Extending roof life is one thing. But one of the major advantages of roof coatings is that they prevent most of the damage that necessitates roof repairs in the first place.

If your roof has already been damaged, then you might want to consider using a roof coating rather than going to the enormous expense of having the roof replaced altogether. A roof replacement is a major undertaking. It includes the need to tear off the old roof, plus the cost of the new materials and installation.

That\’s a drastic solution, and it might be better to opt for an elastomeric roof coating. It\’s important to repair minor leaks and issues in the existing roof before the roof spray is applied. Once the sealant adheres, it may be a long time before the roof will need any further repairs.

4. Easy to Install

Best of all: roof coatings and sealants are easy to install.

This is not the case with a roof replacement. You can forget about carrying on with your usual business operations while a roof is being torn off and replaced.

Applying a spray-on roof solution is the exact opposite. The team works quickly and quietly, and there are no noxious smells and fumes to deal with. Roof replacements can take weeks to finish. Applying a roof coating usually takes just a few days.

In other words, there are no disruptions to your business activities and operations, and the sealing team fits seamlessly into your schedule.

5. Added Leak Protection

Roof coatings are perfect for shoring up a roof\’s defenses, especially when there is pre-existing damage.

Most of this damage is minor, and this is what leads to recurring leaks. In many cases, it\’s hard to even locate the cracks and fractures that cause roof leaks. A roof spray does an excellent job sealing these small holes and adding a further layer of defense against leaks.

It\’s yet another reason why elastomeric roof coatings are an ideal choice for roof maintenance and extending your roof\’s lifespan.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Believe it or not, when you extend the life of a roof you\’re doing your part to reduce waste and help the environment.

If you\’re anxious about the chemicals used in roof coatings and sealants, you needn\’t be. They\’re specially designed to be environmentally friendly and to be free of harmful health effects. No toxic and dangerous materials or chemicals are used when coating roofs, so you can sleep easily in the knowledge that your business and employees are safe.

Plus, the coatings have a larger environmental impact that\’s also positive. By lowering the overall roof temperature, commercial roof coatings reduce the urban \”heat island effect.\” And reducing city temperatures means less air conditioning use, and therefore less energy demand.

7. Works on Any Surface

These are six good reasons to opt for a roof coating.

But maybe you\’re not certain that your roof type will support this treatment. Don\’t worry—roof coatings and sealants are compatible with virtually any roof.

Whether it\’s a metal roof, built-up roofing, or single-ply membrane, an elastomeric sealant will work with all of them. In some cases, you may have to check to see if applying a sealant voids the warranty on your roof. Otherwise, you shouldn\’t have any problems at all.

Save Time and Money With Roof Coatings

You don\’t have to settle for a roof replacement.

It\’s a huge disruption for your business, and the time and expense are enormous. And the truth is, roof coatings or sealants are more than capable of solving most roof issues.

The harsh Wisconsin winters can do a real number on your roof. So if you\’re thinking of having your roof coated, contact us today at Yutzy Roofing Service for a free estimate. We have the experience and the know-how to handle any and all roofing issues.

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