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Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement: Whats the Best Choice?

Roofs typically last 20 to 30 years on average, but many will need to be completely replaced at some point. Many roofs need to be repaired in some way as well over the years.

When deciding between roof repair or replacement, it can be hard to decide. Some situations call for simple repairs, while others may require more extreme measures.

Commercial roofs are just as likely to need some repairs and have a limited lifespan as well. These are things to consider if your commercial roof needs some work.

Keep reading to find out about commercial roof repair and signs you have a damaged roof.

Commercial Roof Damage

There are all kinds of damage that a commercial roof can sustain. A roof is completely exposed and can go through significant wear and tear.

It was not uncommon for a roof to require commercial roof replacement or some repairs along the way. Especially if you notice some signs of damage.

Roof Punctures

Although commercial roofs are built to last a very long time, there is damage that can occur. Weather is often a leading cause of roof damage, whether that be winds or flying debris.

These types of issues could result in your roof being punctured mildly or severely. Even a small amount of damage can become worse if not repaired as soon as possible.

A lack of roof maintenance can also cause metal or sloped roofs to become damaged. It is important to perform regular inspections to catch any issues.


Any kind of leak coming through the roof is a bad sign that needs attention. When this happens, a commercial repair is necessary to try to reverse the damage.

A leak may not be severe at first, as long as you get to it quickly. A leaking roof can become a huge issue if it goes unnoticed or unfixed for a period of time.

This can be especially severe in areas where there is a lot of rain.

Mold Growth

Any signs of mold growth or a mold smell could indicate roof damage. Mold can begin to grow if a roof is leaking or if the damage is letting in water.

This is often the result of damage going unfixed, causing mold growth inside the building. When this happens, you might have a more severe repair on your hands.

Do You Need Roof Repair or Replacement?

Now that you have a better understanding of the kinds of roof damage you can have, what\’s the solution? You will have to choose between roof repair or replacement.

These are the two options that you have, as any roof damage has to be addressed. You should never leave damage, as it will only continue to get worse over time.

It is also far more likely that you will only need roof repairs if you address damage sooner rather than later. Waiting too long to repair a damaged roof is never a good idea.

Where Is the Damage?

Depending on where the damage is located, commercial installation may be necessary. Damage towards the sides of the roof is often not as severe for the building.

If roof damage is right in the center of the roof, it will be much more severe. There are certain areas that are more vital and could be more likely to collapse.

This is something you will need to consider if you are stuck between commercial roof repair or replacement. In some instances, partial roof replacement may also be an option.

How Bad Is the Damage?

The severity of the damage is also going to predict what you will have to do next. Minor damage can often be repaired very easily by trusted commercial roofing services.

If the damage is severe, the roof may have to be replaced entirely. This is often the case if the damage went unnoticed until it becomes much worse than how it started.

How Old Is the Roof?

Another factor that is important to consider is how old the roof is. You may not want to invest in repairing an old roof that will need to be replaced in the next few years.

It is often a better investment to replace it now rather than later. While a newer roof would be better suited with repairs as to will still be in good condition overall.

Of course, this is going to depend on the level of damage the roof has. A very small amount of damage isn\’t usually enough to replace a roof over, even if it is old.

Some newer roofs may also have to be replaced again if the damage is very severe.

What Is Your Budget?

You will also need to consider the budget that you have for your commercial building. Do you have enough funds to do a roof replacement or a partial roof replacement?

If you can\’t afford this, you may need to have a repair done instead. Especially if the damage is not so severe that it can\’t be repaired.

It is also important to understand what your building insurance covers in these instances. As some insurance will cover roof repairs and replacements if necessary.

Choosing Between Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement

If your commercial roof is damaged, you may be deciding between a roof repair or replacement. It is important to understand when each is necessary and what is best for your situation.

Is your commercial roof damaged? Contact us today at Yutzy Roofing Service LLC for commercial roof repair and replacement options.

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