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Your commercial roof can be one of your commercial building’s greatest assets, but it can also be a great liability. If your commercial roof isn’t properly maintained, leaks and structural damage can be the result. At Yutzy Roofing Service, we offer top-rated commercial roofing repair in Marshfield, WI, and the surrounding area. Our flat roof leak repair services can help businesses maintain their buildings and enjoy a leak-free roof for years.

Commercial Roofing Repair Services

Yutzy Roofing Service commercial roofers offer metal roof leak repair and metal roof restoration, as well as flat roof leak repair. We work on buildings regardless of age and even buildings that have been re-roofed multiple times. From old block buildings to metal framed structures, we can help restore your building’s roof to a leak-proof condition.

Have a membrane roof? No problem. We work on:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC

The roofing professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service also perform work on tar and gravel roofs. Whether it’s your first roof leak or a recurring problem, your roof is in good hands with the professionals from Yutzy Roofing Service.

Preventative Roofing Maintenance

We also help clients who have old roofs that aren’t yet leaking. Your roof doesn’t need to have a visible problem to need professional attention. The roofing pros and Yutzy Roofing Service offer preventative maintenance that can extend the service life of your commercial roof, thus preventing possible roof failure. It’s always better to stop a problem before it begins.

If your roof is 20 to 30 years old but hasn’t shown signs of leaking, we can help. Call Yutzy Roofing Service today to schedule an appointment to look at your commercial roof. We can recommend treatment that can patch problems and prevent leaks.

Commercial Roof Storm Damage Repair In Marshfield, WI

Passing storms can do a lot of damage to commercial roofs. From heavy wind and rain to snow and even hail damage, there are many types of storms that can cause problems for your commercial roof. Signs of storm damage on your roof include:

  • Ponding. Ponding is the collection of rainwater at low points on your roof. Ponding can occur when your roof develops sagging areas due to structural problems. Ponding can also occur when a drain on your roof clogs, leading to a buildup of water on your roof.
  • Damaged flashing. Flashing is an important part of the waterproofing on your roof. If your flashing is damaged in some way, including flashing that is torn, missing, showing signs of corrosion, or visibly cracked, this is a sign that your roof needs repair.
  • Water leaks. If water leaks develop in your building following a storm, this could be occurring due to damage from flying debris, high winds, and even the ponding that may develop if your gutters and drains become clogged.

If you see any of the signs above following a rainstorm, contact the professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service in Marshfield, WI, to learn more about how we can help restore your roof.

Commercial Restoration Services in Marshfield, WI

Yutzy Roofing Service can help your business restore its roof. Below are some of the roof restoration services we offer.

We offer a waterproofing system for various types of membranes. TPO membranes can develop a variety of problems like cracks, leaks, and more. We use an elastomeric coating to provide a cost-effective solution for repairing your commercial roofing membrane. In addition to fixing leaks and other forms of damage, these membranes can result in improved energy savings.

Here’s why people turn to us for our EPDM restoration services:

  • We can stop leaks, even serious and long-lasting leaks that have been a recurring problem with your business. We use a powerful coating that can restore your roofing membrane and help ensure it will last.
  • Improve energy efficiency. Our coating is cool, white, and reflective. Black rooftops absorb heat and UV rays. Over time, exposure to these UV rays can cause damage to your roof while also heating the upper parts of your building. Our coating can improve your building’s energy efficiency and reduce wear and tear on your building’s HVAC system.

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofs are known for being highly durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. Even so, metal roofs need regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. Older metal roofs can develop problems like rusting, corrosion, and leaks. Metal roofs can also develop dents and broken seals from exposure to damaging UV rays.

The professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service can use high-quality roofing materials to transform your existing metal roof, eliminating leaks and making it more attractive at the same time. We use materials and have experienced roofing professionals who can eliminate drips, leaks, and air holes. Once we’ve made the commercial roofing repairs, we’ll seal your roof to protect it for years to come.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) System

Yutzy Roofing Service uses Conklin Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) to waterproof commercial roofs through leak-proof foam insulation. SPF forms a barrier that waterproofs your roof and helps save energy costs at the same time.

SPF system is also cool, white, and reflective to help keep your commercial roof cooler, reducing your building cooling expenses by as much as 30% because the cooling system reflects up to 85% of the heat coming from the sun. This extends the life of the roof and also helps extend the life of your building’s HVAC system as well.

Commercial Roofing Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Can Yutzy Roofing Service repair a leaking roof?

Yutzy Roofing Service specializes in commercial roofing repair to fix your leaking roof. Even if your roof is old and has been re-roofed many times, we can help you with your leaking roof.

How long do flat commercial roofs last?

Commercial roofs typically last about 20 to 30 years. If your flat commercial roof is 20 to 30 years old, even if it isn’t leaking yet, it may leak soon. The professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service can help you avoid leaks, or if your roof is leaking, we can provide you with commercial roofing repair.

What are the signs that my commercial roof is leaking?

You’ll be able to tell that your commercial roof is leaking if you see problems such as:

  • Brown or black stains on the roof or walls of your building
  • Mold growth on your walls or ceiling
  • Unusual humidity in your building or a musty smell
  • Unexplained puddles of water on the ground

How can I maintain my commercial roof?

You can maintain your commercial roof by getting it inspected and serviced by the professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service in Marshfield, WI. We offer commercial roofing repair and maintenance services that can help keep your roof waterproof and sealed.

Problems with Ice Dams? We Can Help!

Ice dams are a problem that business owners in Wisconsin sometimes experience during times of extreme weather. An ice dam occurs when water fails to drain out of the gutters or off the roof and then freezes and backs up under the roofing membrane. This can cause the roof to start leaking and over time can do serious damage to your commercial roof.

The roofing professionals at Yutzy Roofing Service can help protect your roof from ice dams, and if one develops, we can help you fix the problem. Our roofing repair and restoration can seal your roof and cover damage from ice dams.

Commercial Roof Repair Service Area

At Yutzy Roofing Service, we offer commercial roof repair in:

  • Marshfield, WI
  • Stevens Point, WI
  • Plover, WI
  • Wausau, WI
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Oshkosh, WI
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Appleton, WI

Leaking Roof? Call Commercial Roof Repair Experts

If you believe that you have a leaking roof on your commercial building, whether it’s a flat roof or a metal roof, we can help. Contact Yutzy Roofing Service to learn more about our roof restoration services.

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