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Metal Roof Leak Repair Services in Oshkosh, WI

The gentle sound of rain on the tin is such a soothing sound that you can find white noise machines and calming audio recordings of it. Your calm can quickly turn to panic, though, when you hear the same noises hitting your interior floor.

A metal roof is one of the more efficient and popular ways to cover a building. It prevents ice dams and stands up well to the intense weather Wisconsin has.

But what do you do when your metal roof starts to leak? Worse yet, what do you do when you have a chronic leaking problem with your metal roof?

Contact a local metal roof leak repair company. By the time you\’ve finished reading this article, you will understand the options you have for metal roof leak repair in Wisconsin and beyond.

Why Metal Roof Leak Repair Is Necessary for Wisconsin

Wisconsin has some of the most intense weather in the fifty states. You will experience intense winters with freezing, icy, and generally snowy weather and then intense summers with warm, wet days. You need a reliable roof to protect your building in all of these climates from temperatures in the 90s to temperatures well below freezing.

Such weather will wreak havoc on any roof, including a durable metal roof. When this roof leaks, contact a roofing company that specializes in metal roof repair services.

Metal roof repair is essential for these reasons:

  1. Quality roof repair protects a building and its electric circuits.
  2. Roof repair contractors will maintain your building\’s structural integrity.
  3. A good roof increases your property value.
  4. A good roof protects the contents of your building.

For all of these reasons, you should consider a roofing service specialist. You ultimately protect your entire building when you care well for your roof.

Why Use Local Wisconsin Roofing Companies

When you begin your search for a good roofing company, look for a local company or contractor. A local company will complete the job most efficiently because they\’re nearby.

Plus, a local company understands local repair issues. They know exactly how the climate and environment in Wisconsin can damage a roof, so they look for these problems and fix them.

Also, you will minimize your overall expenses when you go local. Local companies will cost less because they have shorter commutes to your building and fewer travel expenses.

Finally, you\’re contributing to your local economy when you go local. You\’re helping employ the people in your community who will in turn spend their money locally and keep your economy healthy.

How to Find Local Roofing Companies

To find local metal roof repair services, begin with the internet. Start looking at local forums for reviews on roofing services. People online are brutally honest with specific reviews on if a company served them well or completed ripped them off.

Don\’t forget to look at the Better Business Bureau as well to determine a company\’s reputation.

Go old school and look at the yellow pages phone directory. You\’ll find a variety of potential metal roof repair experts who can fix your roof leak.

Then make a list of the prospects based on your online and paper research. Once you have a list, begin to talk to local business owners and neighbors about who they would recommend. Again, people in the Midwest talk honestly about services when they feel like they\’ve gotten good service.

Questions to Ask Local Roofing Companies

Once you\’ve found a roofing company, you can best vet them by asking a series of simple questions. This will help you have a clear understanding of their experience and if it matches your expectations. Here are some basic questions to get you started.

1. Are You Licensed?

You need a company with a license that includes metal roofing contracting. Check to see what license a contractor needs for your area of Wisconsin, and then make sure the contractor has that license. Make sure the license is valid and has no violations on it.

Also, ask about how long they\’ve been in business and have been licensed. You want a contractor with experience.

2. Are You Insured?

The answer to this question is a definite deal breaker. Do not hire a contractor who doesn\’t carry both worker\’s compensation and liability. Ask them for their proof of insurance.

3. Can You Give Me a Written Estimate?

A good contractor will give you a detailed, comprehensive estimate of the roofing job in writing. Do not accept a ballpark figure that they tell you verbally. You need something with details so you can understand what you\’re paying for.

Make sure the contractor includes the estimated time of completion as well as the price.

4. What Is Your Metal Roof Experience?

Metal roofing is different from other types of roofing. You want someone with experience installing metal roofing as well as repairing metal roofing. They should have at least three years of experience and a nice list of past references.

Also, look for a roofing company with experience in roofing commercially. They will understand your business timeline and how you cannot be out of business for long.

5. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Some contractors do not do all the work themselves but rather hire subcontractors. A subcontractor is a red flag in that it indicates you won\’t be working with just the contractor. Your subcontractor will need proof of insurance, references, and licensing.

6. What Warranties Do You Offer?

A contractor should offer a warranty for both their materials and their work. Get the warranty in writing before the contractor begins the job. The warranty should cover flashings, panels, sealants, accessories, and fasteners as well as workmanship. You want the guarantee that you\’re covered should the roof started leaking a month after the contractor has repaired it.

7. What Projects Have You Done Around Here?

Look specifically for the metal roofing projects your contractor has completed in your geographical area. This way you can visit with the other individuals who have used this contractor. You can also see their workmanship up close when you visit the buildings they\’ve roofed.

Repair and Rest Easy

When you need a metal roof leak repair, there\’s no need to get upset. Just begin the process of finding the best metal roof repair service near you. You want a metal roof repair service in your neighborhood so you can get the best deal and so you can have a contractor who understands metal roofs in your environment.

Are you looking for a great roof leak repair company? If so, contact us. Our experts are ready to help you have a dry building once again.

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