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Metal Roof Restoration Strategies That Experts Love

If you have a metal roof on your commercial building, you\’re probably sick of dealing with rust and leaks. Metal roof leak repairs can be pricey and take time out of your busy schedule. If you haven\’t had these issues, you will experience them soon enough.

Many commercial building owners now opt for roof restoration to protect their metal roofs and reduce the risk of issues arising. Don\’t get to the stage of having to replace your entire roof, restore it instead!

But how can metal roofs be restored? You\’ll be surprised. Read on to discover the best metal roof restoration strategies that will make your life easier.

What is a Metal Roof Restoration Strategy?

You may not have to go to the extreme of replacing the entire metal roof on your commercial building. Roof replacement is costly, time-consuming, and a lot of hassle. You can restore your existing metal roof instead, making it better than ever.

A metal roof restoration strategy from Yutzy Roofing is a complete waterproofing system. Coating your metal roof will inhibit rust and stop any leaks. The attractive and long-lasting finish is energy-efficient reducing air conditioning bills in warmer months.

Applying a protective coating to your existing roof is a cost-effective way to eliminate problems with your roof in a shorter time frame.

Metal Roof Restoration Strategies From the Professionals

As a professional metal roof restoration company, we only use professional roofing products. Conklin is the leader in commercial roofing systems and products for restoration strategies. They have formulated roof coatings for more than 40 years. Two of their best options which we like to use are the spray foam and acrylic membrane systems.

These are the two best acrylic elastomeric coatings on the market. Coating your metal roof with Conklin acrylic will increase its reflective ability. This will reduce the intense thermal shock caused by temperature fluctuations and minimize expansion and contraction prolonging the life of the roof.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

Conklin\’s Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is one of the most innovative and durable roof coatings available. First, the roof is prepared by removing any dirt, debris, or contaminants. The roof must be completely dry.

Next, the foam is sprayed in an even 0.5\” thick layer across the entire roof surface filling any gaps and crevices. The foam is covered in a protective layer of Rapid Roof 3 base coat between 2-24 hours after the foam was applied. The Rapid Roof 3 top coat can be added 12 hours later.

This coating is low maintenance and resistant to dirt and discoloration. It only requires annual or bi-annual cleaning to keep it white and at its most reflective. The closed-cell structure stops lateral water movement and most repairs involve a caulk gun and coating.

This energy-efficient roof coating system reflects 85% of the sun\’s heat. It has an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch thickness. This will save you as much as 30% on your air conditioning bills in the warmer months. It\’s a cost-efficient and energy-efficient solution for metal roof restoration.

Acrylic Membrane

Conklin\’s EPDM acrylic membrane system is one of the most requested roof coatings and is popular with commercial roofers. It\’s an excellent choice for commercial flat roofing.

Some roofing membranes will degrade over time causing cracks, leaks, and collected dirt. The EPDM acrylic membrane is durable, waterproof, and energy-efficient. Its smooth white surface is very effective at reflecting the sun\’s UV rays, maximizing energy efficiency.

First, the roof is cleaned, prepped, and dried. Sheets of the membrane are bonded to the roof. The membrane is cleaned with adhesion tests are carried out, the number of which depends on the size of the roof. Seals and seams are reinforced with fabric.

The membrane is cleaned with WAC 2 cleaner to ensure it\’s free of all contaminants. Then Rapid Roof 3 base coat and topcoat are applied to create a super durable protective barrier.

Warranty and Rebates

Enjoy peace of mind that either of these metal roof restoration services from Yutzy Roofing will include a non-pro-rated labor and material warranty.

By choosing to make your roof more energy efficient with either of these systems, you may be able to claim federal tax rebates, tax credits, and deductions to offset your investment. Check with your tax advisor, utility company, or energy star to find out.

Why Would You Need Metal Roof Restoration services?

Metal is a great option for roofing, but over time it will degrade and start causing problems. The costs of regular maintenance and commercial roof repairs start to add up, eventually making it an unnecessary expense for your commercial building. Here are some common reasons commercial building owners decide to restore their metal roofs.

Stop Leaks

Leaking is the number one issue commonly experienced with metal roofs. Pitched and flat roof leak repair can be pricey and don\’t always solve the problem. Leaks through cracks and broken seals cause water damage to other aspects of the building such as walls, electrics, and contents.

Weathering and Storm Damage

The variable weather conditions we experience here in Winsconsin can play havoc on metal roofs. The damp climate and storms can cause detrimental damage. One of the main problems is ice build-up freezing and thawing, making cracks and broken seals even worse.


Dealing with rust is common in commercial roof repairs. Rust spreads quickly in damp weather which creates holes causing the roof to leak. The rust must be cut away and the surrounding area sanded, primed, and painted before patching up with new metal.


Consistent damage repairs will decrease the structural integrity of the roof over time. This could make the roof unsafe for people using the building which insurance companies won\’t approve of, or even worse–could lead to an accident.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are fairly efficient at reflecting the sun, but they also absorb a lot of UV rays as heat. The metal conducts the heat and warms the space below inside the building. This creates a need for air conditioning in the building which can be costly!

Better Seals

It\’s shocking how much air-conditioned or heated air can escape from broken seals. It isn\’t cheap to chill or heat a commercial building. Letting that air escape will increase energy bills.

Extend Roof Life

People invest in metal roofs because they are durable and long-lasting, usually around 40-70 years. But maybe you bought the commercial building and the roof is already 30 years old. It\’s smart to extend the life of the roof so you can don\’t have to think about replacing it for another couple of decades.

Old Roof, No Warranty

If you purchase a commercial building with an old metal roof, there will be no warranty on the workmanship or materials that went into it. Restoring the roof with Yutzy Roofing will include a non-pro-rated labor and material warranty.

Restore Your Metal Roof in Wisconsin

Enjoy the benefits of restoring your metal roof with a Conklin protective coating by Yutzy Roofing Services.

Get in touch and find out which metal roof restoration strategy would be the best for you.

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