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Polyurethane Foam Spray: Is It Right for Your Roof?

You love your job and the people who work for you. However, the roof of your building is in dire need of repair, so you decide to look at your options.

Polyurethane foam spray is a nice choice, and there are many benefits. But there are just as many drawbacks to using the material.

Read on to see both sides and decide if it\’s the best roofing material for your building.

Easy to Install

One of the biggest advantages of polyurethane foam spray is that it\’s pretty easy to install. A contractor will spray the foam on your current roof, and the foam will then expand.

That makes the process quick and seamless for you and your employees, and you may not even notice it\’s happening. You don\’t have to worry about closing down your office for the day.

And you can use spray foam on any type of roof, even if the incline is weird or if there are other anomalies. Some other roofing materials are more complex, so it\’s nice to choose something simple.

If you can\’t afford to take a day off from work, this is a nice option.

Minimal Maintenance

After you install a new roof with spray foam, you don\’t have to do a ton of maintenance on it. You can have a professional inspect your roof every other year to check on the condition.

Most roofs don\’t need much work until 10 or 20 years after installation. As long as you do that maintenance, your roof might not need replacing for 50 years or much longer.

That can help save you time and money over the long term. Some roofs require more upkeep which could waste a lot of resources that you could use for other parts of your business.

More Efficient

Polyurethane foam spray provides fantastic insulation to your building. It features moisture, thermal, and air barriers to keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

The silicone layer on top can also resist UV light from the sun, which keeps it from absorbing too much heat. All of that can help lower your energy bill throughout the year.

Even if cost isn\’t a concern, it never hurts to save some energy.

This efficiency starts to happen soon after spraying the foam. Bubbles of gas will form in the material and float to the top, and that gives the material its texture and energy efficiency.

Relatively Affordable

The cost of a foam spray roof is about the same as other roofing materials. Of course, the specific costs vary based on how big your roof is and the company you hire to install it.

However, the long lifespan can help bring down the cost over time. You won\’t have to spend as much money on maintenance over the next few years.

So while you might spend about the same amount upfront, your business budget can be smaller overall. Don\’t forget to calculate maintenance costs when considering different roofing materials and the total price.

Risk of Overspray

Foam spray might be easy to install, but your contractor can overspray the foam. When that happens, the foam can blow off the building and onto the cars in your parking lot.

Fortunately, overspray isn\’t harmful, but it can be an inconvenience. You can also take a few steps to reduce overspray, such as placing a shield near the edges of the roof.

On the day of the installation, you might also put covers over any cars that are near the building. Another option is to have employees park farther away that day to protect their cars.

Requires Specific Conditions

Another downside of using polyurethane spray is that you can\’t install it whenever. The temperature has to be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which may not sound like a lot.

However, the yearly average in Wisconsin is 51.4 degrees. July and August are the only months where the low is 50 degrees on average or higher.

If you want to install spray foam, you can do so, but you have to wait until it\’s warm. That means you might need to get through the next winter with your current roof or hope there\’s an abnormally warm day to install it.

Not All Contractors Are Good

You may want a foam spray roof, but you should be careful about who you hire. Some contractors have the skills and materials they need to do the job safely.

However, others don\’t have the necessary experience to install your roof correctly. The foam is easy to spray, but if someone isn\’t careful, you could have overspray.

Or the spray might not cover the roof well enough for what you need. Don\’t let the ease of installation confuse you or the contractors who work for you.

Before you hire someone, be sure to vet them or the company. That way, you can make sure the people working on your roof know what they\’re doing.

Weak Against Impact

Polyurethane is strong enough for you to walk on the roof if necessary. However, it\’s not as strong as PVC or other roofing materials, so it may not be ideal for some buildings.

If you\’re in an area that gets a lot of storms, the roof probably won\’t hold up super well. The same is true if there are a lot of birds that like to peck on roofs in your city.

Consider asking other businesses in your area if they have a spray polyurethane roof and how it\’s held up. If no one\’s had any problems, you can give the material a try.

Otherwise, it might not be worth the risk, even for all of its benefits.

Will You Use Polyurethane Foam Spray?

A polyurethane foam spray roof offers benefits such as efficiency and easy maintenance. However, you need to hire the right company for the job, and you may need to move cars away from your office to protect from overspray.

Be sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a foam spray roof. Then, you can determine if it\’s the right material for your needs.

Do you want to install a spray polyurethane roof? Learn about our services and contact us for more information.

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