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Roof Leaks: A Guide For Business Owners in Marshfield, WI

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If you have had the unfortunate experience of discovering roof leaks on your commercial property, you know it is a problem. Without proper attention, this issue can soon become a much more severe problem, causing extensive damage and costing a lot of money to repair. That is not counting the money you may lose while you close for repairs.

The good news is that Yutzy Roofing Service is on hand to provide fast, high-quality repair for commercial roof leaks and cracks. If you notice that there is a problem with your roof, you must act as quickly as possible to avoid a major repair.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks?

Many things can cause roof leaks, especially as the roof gets older. Some of these issues can be fixed without too much effort. However, others may require much more extensive repairs. Here are a few reasons why your roof might be leaking.


Out of all the causes of cracks or gaps letting the water in through your roof, age is probably the most likely. Just as with any structure, roofs go through wear and tear over time. Even buildings made with high-quality, well-installed materials will likely need to be repaired if enough time goes by.

Roofs carry the brunt of the elements on our buildings, so it is no surprise that they accumulate damage over the years. Snow and ice, rain, hot sun, and fluctuating temperatures do a number on roof components. A good roof is likely to last for decades. But eventually, the materials do wear out and need to be replaced.

 Here is a bit of good news: you can hold off on getting an entire new roof by keeping up with basic maintenance. Though it is not a guaranteed solution for the long term, you can slow the effects of age and weather by keeping the roof clean and removing any moss or debris. Keeping up with the maintenance and inspections on an aging roof can help detect leaks before they become larger issues.

Broken Pieces

Your roof is not just made up of tiles or slats, but they play a significant role in the whole structure. Over time, tiles may become broken and fall off. This is often caused by rain, snow, or debris hitting the roof. As enough of them break, you will eventually get large enough gaps in the roof to allow water in.

The good news is that much of the time, this does not necessarily mean you need a massive repair. In many cases, all you will need is a replacement of these tiles to stop the leaking and get your building back in shape.

Poor Installation

A good roof is not the work of just anyone. You need a top-quality, experienced roofer who knows the right way to install this all-important component. In many cases, roof leaks may happen because the parts were not installed correctly. This is often the case in older buildings, which did not have the precision of modern materials and tools.

Weather-Related Issues

Mother Nature can wreak some serious damage on buildings, especially if you live in a climate with extreme temperatures. Heat causes construction materials to expand, while cold causes them to shrink. Many fluctuations over years or decades can weaken your roof, increasing gaps that let water in.

Meanwhile, snow, ice, rain, and sun can also have an effect. These harsh elements usually only cause minor damage in a season, but they can become a serious problem over the years. This is especially true in a place like the Marshfield, WI area, where temperatures routinely drop well below freezing in the winter.

Poorly Suited Materials

Installing a roof correctly requires a lot of specialized knowledge. That extends to the materials and tools that are used to install it in the first place. If a builder uses the wrong materials, they will likely age poorly and wear down well before their time.

This is especially true if the roofer did not consider the roof’s pitch. Some roofing materials, such as tile or slate, are intended for use on roofs of a specific pitch. If the wrong materials are used, it makes it much more likely that installers overlook certain necessary precautions. Unfortunately, a roof made badly in the first place is much more likely to break down, especially in the face of bad weather.

Poorly-Installed Or Maintained Gutters

Everyone has been told to maintain the gutters, a task that no one wants to do. But this simple task is vital for both commercial and residential structures. Doing basic cleaning and routine maintenance on your gutters will go a long way in protecting the roof from damage due to accumulated debris.

As leaves, mud, ice, and other debris gather in the gutters, they increase the likelihood of clogging. When this happens, the gutters are likely to stop working and eventually develop leaks. This means that they cannot perform their most basic function of directing water away from the building.

Without well-operating gutters, water can pool on the roof and eventually make its way inside through any cracks or gaps. Cleaning out the gutters — or, more likely, in the event of a commercial building, hiring a gutter cleaning service — might not be a pleasant chore, but it goes a long way in protecting the roof.

Ice Damage

We mentioned that weather can cause serious damage to your roof, but this goes even further with ice. In Wisconsin, structures are particularly prone to issues such as ice damming. This happens when accumulated ice forms blockages along the roof line, keeping water from being able to run onto the ground. Over time, this can become a serious problem since it puts extra weight on the whole structure and increases the likelihood of roof leaks due to water entering the building.


Wildlife can also cause major problems that eventually lead to roof leaks. These critters are simply a part of life, but we often do not see the damage that they create on their way. Rodents like mice and squirrels, as well as birds, are common culprits of damage to roofs. Roof tiles make an ideal shelter for animals to build their nests, but it is not so great for the people taking shelter inside the building.

Tree Damage

Trees are wonderful things, but they can cause a lot of damage when it comes to roofing. Maybe you have multiple trees on the property whose branches extend over your building, or maybe your roof has been the victim of flying branches during a storm. These can cause some serious damage to your roof and are often the culprit when it comes to creating gaps that lead to roof leaks.

Moisture Accumulation Elsewhere

You know that your building is much more complex on the inside than it seems on the outside. Crawlspaces, attics, and lofts can also experience problems of their own, leading to issues with the main roof. If there is a moisture problem in a crawlspace, for example, it can eventually make its way to other parts of the structure, leading to a leaking roof.

Making Your Appointment With Yutzy Roofing Service

Roof leaks can be frustrating to deal with. However, our team is committed to easing some of the stress they can cause by providing you with quality and trusted roofing repair and replacement services. Our team at Yutzy Roofing Service has been repairing roofs of all kinds since we opened our doors in 1995 in Marshfield, WI. There is nothing we have not seen — from buildings that have been around for decades to roofs that winter storms have severely damaged. Whatever the cause of your leaking roof, we will provide a full inspection to diagnose the problem. Then, we will make a recommendation for going ahead with repairs. To schedule an appointment or ask us more about our offerings, contact Yutzy Roofing Service at 715-897-5017.

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