Roof damage shouldn’t be underestimated. At the minimum, minor leaks will cost a few hundred dollars to repair. Worse damage such as that from a bad storm will cost you a lot more.

Foof damage doesn’t always happen suddenly, though. In most cases, it develops over time until you’re forced to shut down your business. Serious cases may take as many as four or five weeks to resolve.

That’s where a commercial roof inspection comes in handy. Here’s why roof inspections should happen regularly and what they entail.

The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

Commercial roof inspections aren’t done solely for your insurance’s sake or to maintain a good appearance. They’re important for preventing damage from developing and costing your business money.

Consider the amount of time it takes to perform a minor repair compared to fixing a hole in your roof. That’s time you’ll have to spend with your business shut down or at the very least with a section of your building closed off.

Regular roof inspections bring a lot of benefits to your business. It also helps to recognize common problems and understand how they can hurt you.


Proper roof maintenance helps to keep your business running. You also avoid any problems that may pop up due to leaks or some other kind of commercial roof damage.

First of all, you can prevent leaks from worsening over time. Leaks in your roof don’t develop without some external cause. Left alone and more leaks will pop up.

Leaks work both ways. Not only will rainwater get into your building but air will also escape. Air leaks will force your central air conditioning to work harder and use up more energy.

Roof inspections will extend the life of your roof and help you save money. They’ll also streamline insurance claims since you’ll have regular documentation of any damage.

Common Problems

Some common factors that can cause roof damage include ice dams, freezing, thawing, backups, and other weather conditions. Storms and hail are also factors that can result in roof damage.

For example, ice dams can tear off gutters, loosen roofing materials, and cause water to back up. Since the outer layer of ice prevents the water underneath from evaporating, it instead works its way under your roof. If the water refreezes, then it can force your roof apart as it expands.

Regular commercial roof maintenance lets you catch these problems before they get too serious.

How Often Should You Get a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Generally speaking, you should get a commercial roof inspection at least once a year. However, that assumes that the weather conditions have been stable and you haven’t had any bad storms all year. That timetable moves up depending on those variables.

If you’ve had a bad storm, then you should call your local commercial roofing company to check things out. A big sign that there’s been some roof damage is if you notice water inside your building after the storm.

Another factor to keep in mind is the presence of snow and ice.

Rain, for the most part, won’t wear away at your roof too effectively. However, water expands when it freezes. If you don’t clear away snow on your roof, then it may melt and then refreeze between the panels of your roof.

When that happens, things can come loose and leaks will form.

Commercial Roof Inspection Checklist

It’s important to know what goes into an inspection when you hire a commercial roofing company. The process may differ slightly depending on the company, though.

First, they’ll check the general roof conditions. This includes the presence of debris, physical damage, drainage issues, and snow.

Next, the company will check for damages associated with the type of roof. Flat or membrane roofs may develop punctures, cracks, blisters, or other types of damage. They’ll also check the condition of any roof features, like your chimney and gutters.

On the inside, inspectors will look for ceiling damage such as water leaks or water staining. Water damage may also appear on your interior walls in the form of cracks or water stains.

How to Find Good Commercial Roof Repair

A roof inspection may come up with problems that need repairs. However, you don’t need to use the same company that did the inspection to do the repair job.

Try to find out the general cost of the replacement materials for your roof. If you need an entirely new roof, figure out if you want something more durable or something more affordable.

Get multiple quotes from at least three different roofers. Be careful of anyone that low-balls. They may cut corners or use inferior materials to justify the lower price.

Most importantly, do research on the roofers. Ask for recommendations from your friends, and request referrals from the company. Always require proof of licensing and insurance before hiring them.

Roof Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid a bad roof inspection, these are some tips that can help.

First, fix any leaks as soon as you notice them. This is especially important after a bad storm.

Clear out your drains and gutters regularly. If they get backed up, mold and mildew can develop. They’ll drain more poorly, which can result in water pooling on your roof.

You should also check on any equipment on your roof. A faulty wire can start a fire. A busted vent may also be allowing water to enter your building.

Don’t Wait on That Inspection

A commercial roof inspection should be a regular occurrence at your building. However, you may need to do more of them if you’re facing bad weather or have developed issues in the past. The last thing you want is water damage causing more problems you then need to deal with.

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