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Wisconsin Metal Roof Repair: How Yutzy’s Extends Your Roof’s Life

Wisconsin Metal Roof Repair

If you own a building with a metal roof, then you know how much value these assets can add to your property. In addition to being versatile, attractive, and easy to install, metal roofs can often outlast almost any other type of roofing by decades. In fact, some types of metal roofing, such as copper, are known to last for over 100 years. But today, copper roofing is much less common due to the scarcity of the material.

Modern metal roofs are typically made from either aluminum or galvanized steel since these metals are widely available and cost-effective, but galvanized steel tends to be a more popular choice for its added durability.

However, despite their popularity and longevity, metal roofs do come with their own unique set of challenges and drawbacks. Without proper preventive care, metal roofs can be prone to corrosion, leaks, and overheating, all of which can cost property owners extra time and money over the lifespan of the roof.

For example, the layer of galvanization on steel roofing can wear thin over time, leaving the steel surface vulnerable to oxidation. If this problem is allowed to persist, the rust will eventually eat holes in the roof, which will require costly repairs or replacement.

However, a full replacement of a metal roofing system is rarely necessary as long as the problem is addressed in a timely manner. So, rather than waiting for a small leak to become a big hole, be sure to reach out to a Wisconsin metal roof repair expert to prevent serious problems from developing.

Although a Wisconsin metal roof repair can require a significant upfront investment, the cost of restoring and protecting your metal roof will likely be a fraction of the cost of replacement. Additionally, your investment will greatly extend the lifespan of your metal roof, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

In this article, we will talk about some of the common issues that you might be facing with your metal roof and how they can impact your home or business. We will also discuss how you can address all of these problems with a single Wisconsin metal roof repair solution.

What Are Some Common Wisconsin Metal Roof Problems?

As we mentioned above, metal roofs come with their own set of drawbacks, as with any other type of roofing system. Let’s take a look at some of these issues and how they can impact the functionality and longevity of your roof.


Leaks are often one of the first indicators that you may be in need of a Wisconsin metal roof repair. While metal roofs are less prone to leaks than some other roofing materials, they can still develop over time.

Assuming that your metal roof is properly constructed using all of the correct materials, it is unlikely that you will experience leaks for at least a decade or two from the time your metal roof was installed. However, if you do notice a leak in your metal roof, there’s a good chance that it’s coming from a seam or fastener.

Seams and fasteners are the most common areas for leaks to develop in a metal roofing system because the caulking and seals used around these areas will inevitably degrade over time. It is often easy to ignore or overlook a small leak since it usually doesn’t present a significant problem immediately. But keep in mind that if the leak is not promptly addressed, it will worsen, which can lead to corrosion and structural damage.


Corrosion is a serious problem for metal roofing systems, and the longer you wait to repair patches of rust, the more difficult and expensive they will be. In addition to causing leaks, rust can also lead to structural issues that can weaken the roof’s integrity.

Rust tends to occur in older metal roofs or those that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, even for newly installed metal roofs, it is best to take preventive measures that can help prevent rust from forming and spreading.

Loose Fasteners

Over time, the fasteners that hold your metal roofing panels in place can become loose as a result of normal wear and tear, and this is especially true in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations. As the temperature rises and falls, metal roofing will expand and contract, which can push fasteners out of place.

Peeling and Fading

Roofs that are covered with protective coatings can also deteriorate over time, which can lead to further issues. For example, if your metal roof is finished with rust-resistant paint, exposed areas can begin to corrode if the paint chips or peels.

In addition to causing your metal roof to become more vulnerable to the elements, peeling paint can also lessen its ability to reflect sunlight, which may lead to increased energy bills as well.

Wisconsin Metal Roof Repair

If you are noticing leaks, corrosion, or peeling paint on your Wisconsin metal roof, then it may be time to reach out to a metal roofing expert. When you work with an experienced roofing contractor like Yutzy Roofing Service, you’re getting more than just a quick fix to stop leaks and rusting.

Here at Yutzy Roofing Service, we specialize in full Wisconsin metal roof restoration, meaning that we resolve all of your metal roof’s current issues before adding layers of protection to extend its lifespan.

Let’s take a look at Yutzy’s process for Wisconsin mental roof repair.


The first step to your Wisconsin metal roof repair is giving it a good cleaning to remove surface contaminants and get a better understanding of any existing damage. The cleaning process involves a thorough power washing, but it may also be necessary to treat your metal roof with cleaning agents in some cases.

Rust Repair

The next step in Yutzy’s Wisconsin metal roof repair process is locating corrosion and treating it to stop it from spreading. Depending on the extent of the corrosion, this may be as simple as treating the surface with an industrial-strength rust remover. But in cases of extensive corrosion, it may be necessary to grind down certain areas and patch or replace them.


After preparing your metal roof, we will apply a metal paint primer to the entire surface to ensure that the outer layer of paint adheres to the roof.


After removing any existing rust, we will seal all of your metal roof seams and Fasteners. To seal your metal roof seams, we will apply an adhesive liquid sealant and place a durable, tape-like covering over all of the areas where two pieces of roofing meet. Once the covering is in place, we will add a second layer of adhesive sealant to the covering to ensure a strong bond.

With all of the seams sealed, we will go back and use caulking to cover all of the fasteners in your roof. Adding caulk before the outer layer of paint helps to create a seamless seal over all of your roof’s gaps and holes.


With the entire surface treated, primed, and sealed, we will add a heavy layer of outdoor, metal-specific paint to finish your Wisconsin metal roof repair. Although you can choose any color for your roof’s paint job, it is often advisable to use a lighter color that will reflect sunlight.

By creating a reflective surface on your metal roof, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed and conducted by your roof. This can play a big part in reducing your building’s energy consumption.

Renew Your Metal Roof With Yutzy’s Roofing Service

Since Yutzy’s Roofing Service first started nearly 30 years ago, we have remained a family-owned company dedicated to providing our customers with the best roofs money can buy.

Located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, we are able to work with customers all over the central region of the state. In addition to Wisconsin metal roof repair and restoration, we also provide many other roofing services and products, such as spray foam coating and EPDM restoration.

If you are in need of a Wisconsin metal roof repair, then Yutzy’s Roofing Service has the knowledge and experience to restore your metal roof and extend its lifespan by decades.
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