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A Complete Guide to Metal Roof Restoration

The majority of people in the United States have no idea how huge the market is for sheet metal roofing. Studies show that the sheet metal roofing manufacturing industry in the United States generates about $1 billion in revenue each year! About 5,000 people work in this industry to provide for the needs of the country.

At the same time, this industry might bring in a little less money every year if more people knew about metal roof restoration options. After all, some of that revenue comes from people replacing an old metal roof when they could have saved money by restoring it instead.

In fact, more and more people are starting to choose metal roof restoration. But why is that, and what goes on during the proof restoration process? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about metal roof restoration and the benefits that it can provide!

Check if Your Roof Is a Candidate for Roof Restoration

Before you start the roof restoration process, it is important to check if you are a candidate for it. In extreme cases, it makes sense to replace a roof rather than restore it. There is only so much that a roof restoration can do.

So will roof restoration be an option in your case? Unless your roof has huge holes in it or is completely degraded, it is likely a candidate for a roof restoration.

If that turns out to be the case, then your roof restoration contractors will perform a thorough inspection before starting to work on your roof. This will help them get a detailed understanding of what kind of damage and problems your roof is displaying.

This will help them decide how to go about the restoration process and which tools they will need. Once the roof inspection is complete, they will move on to preparing the metal roof for the restoration process.

Preparing the Metal Roof for Restoration

Before the restoration process begins, it is important to clean the roof. Otherwise, the process will trap dirt and other contaminants against your roof. This will diminish the quality and longevity of the restoration process.

For that reason, professional roof restoration experts will start with a thorough cleaning of the roof. Usually, they will do this right before the restoration process. This is important because if you wait too many days after the cleaning, the roof will begin to accumulate dust and dirt again.

Managing Necessary Roof Repairs

However, your contractors might decide that it is more important to focus on repairing your roof before cleaning it. If your roof has significant damage, then that damage can interfere with the roof restoration process as well as with the cleaning process.

As they prepare for your roof restoration, your contractors may end up plugging any leaks in your roof and repairing degraded sections. Once this is done, they can finish the cleaning process. At that point, they will be ready to start restoring your roof.

Applying a Metal Roof Coating

During the actual metal roof restoration, your contractors will apply a coating to your roof. This coating will create its own watertight seal that covers every part of the roof. This will provide a double layer of protection on top of the repairs that your contractors may have already finished on your roof.

The end result is a robust and watertight seal that will last for many years to come.

Enjoying Less Roofing Maintenance

Eliminating your leaks for years to come will decrease your maintenance costs. For this reason, many people consider metal roof restoration to be an investment. For a single upfront cost, they can enjoy maintenance savings year after year.

Of course, metal roof restoration also provides a variety of other benefits. For one thing, it improves the appearance of your roof. The coating will provide a new and smooth surface for your roof.

It is this smooth texture that creates a consistent appearance for your roof. That is why scratches and other kinds of degradation show up so plainly when people look at roofs that lack this kind of smooth surface.

Immediately after repairs, the top of your roof might be looking pretty good again. But for that improvement in appearance to last, it is essential to apply the metal roof restoration coating. This will make the improved appearance of your roof last for years instead of months.

In fact, it will even add to the already improved beauty of your roof. Beyond that, your restored roof will also reflect sunlight better.

That increase in reflected sunlight means that your building will not get as hot as the sun pounds down on it. That provides a number of benefits all by itself.

First of all, it lowers your air conditioning costs. The air conditioner consumes more electricity than almost any comparable appliance. Lowering your need for air conditioning can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month, depending on your situation.

That may be especially useful right now and in the months or years to come. Many people are noticing energy prices go up with no signs of stopping.

On top of everything else, the improved insulation of your roof will mean that your air conditioner can take more frequent breaks between cooling things down. That will help it also requires less maintenance. By giving your air conditioner occasional breaks, you will maximize its lifespan!

Understand the Most Important Things to Know About Metal Roof Restoration

Learning about the metal roof restoration process is an effective way to understand why so many people value restoring their metal roofs. Whether you want to plug up old leaks or decrease maintenance costs, restoring your roof is an investment. If you are going to restore your roof sooner or later, you can get more benefits out of doing so sooner.

To learn more about how to keep your metal roof in the best condition possible, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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