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The Pros and Cons of Having a Flat Roof

A durable roof isn\’t just a necessity for a finished building. It protects the structure, offers shelter for the people living or working inside, and can even make a visual statement.

When choosing between types of roofs, the first big step will be deciding whether it\’s flat or sloped. Both have their pros and cons, and the one that\’s right for you will ultimately depend on factors like your budget, location, and needs.

Keep reading to find out all about the positives and negatives of a flat roof.

Pros of a Flat Roof

If you\’re unfamiliar with flat roofs, it can be confusing trying to figure out whether the pros outweigh the cons. Here\’s a look at the benefits of flat roofing and reasons why it might be a great option for you.

Cheaper Price Tag

A flat roof is going to cost you less than a sloped one, even if they\’re covering the same size space.

Flat roofs don\’t need as much material to complete, making them a great cost-savings choice. Plus, unlike sloped roofs which can be dangerous to construct and walk around on, a flat roof is safer, making the cost of labor a bit cheaper.

If you\’re looking to save several thousand dollars, a flat roof may be the way to go.

Usable Extra Space

If you\’ve explored a city or passed apartments with flat roofs, you\’ve likely seen the roof turned into another livable space or green area. This is another huge perk of flat roofs: extra usable room due to their flat surface area.

With a flat roof, you might turn part of that space into an outdoor lounge with comfy seating, a rooftop garden full of vegetables and herbs, or even a storage area.

This rooftop space can be ideal for enjoying a great view or relaxing after work with others. Just make sure that the roof is built to support the weight of whatever you plan to use it for to avoid leaks or other roof damage.

All of that extra rooftop space is also the perfect spot for solar panels. While it\’s possible to install solar panels on a sloped roof, a flat roof is ideal to get the most out of all of that sunlight exposure. So not only can you save money on a flat roof itself, but it also allows you to save money on energy if you choose to install solar panels as well.

Faster Installation Process

Unlike sloped roofs that require more supplies to build and have a more complicated structure, a flat roof takes a significantly shorter amount of time to complete. The flat element to it makes the installation process smooth and stress-free, meaning you don\’t have to worry about the process getting delayed or taking too long.

If you want a roof installation that\’s quick and efficient, a flat roof is the way to go!

Cons of Flat Roofing

While flat roofs have many pros that make them a great choice, they have several cons you should take into consideration too. Below are three cons of flat roofing to think about before making your roofing decision.

Drainage Issues

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain or snow, you\’re going to want to put a little more thought into getting a flat roof. While it\’s still a viable option, you will likely need to keep a closer eye on a flat roof in these conditions due to the roof\’s shape and build.

While a flat roof still has a little bit of a slope to help water drain off of it, it doesn\’t have the same easy drainage as a true sloped roof. This means that if it rains, the water may pool on the roof instead of flowing off, and this can lead to damaged roof materials or leaks.

Standing water or snow can cause severe damage to a flat roof if it isn\’t monitored and maintained frequently. If you do choose a flat roof, be prepared to stay on top of drainage issues to prevent real problems from arising.

Reach out to a roofing professional to have them answer any questions you have about flat roofs or roof repairs for the best information and support.

Shorter Lifespan

A flat roof tends to not last as long as a sloped roof. While the average lifespan of a sloped roof is 15 years or longer, you\’ll likely need to replace a flat roof after about 10 years.

Of course, there are many factors that go into a roof\’s lifespan, and your roof may last much longer than this. But it\’s typical for a flat roof to not last as long as a sloped one.

Even with a shorter lifespan, some people may still consider a flat roof the better choice when factoring in the smaller initial price tag compared to a sloped roof\’s higher one. It all depends on your roofing needs and budget.

Limited Design and Colors

You may not think much about a roof\’s design or colors, but if the roof\’s style is important to you, it\’s important to know that a flat roof is more limited in this regard.

Typical flat roof material colors include black, gray, and white. Some people find a flat roof a less attractive option compared to a sloped roof. But if the color and look of your roof aren\’t a concern to you, there\’s no need to eliminate a flat roof from the running.

Get Your New Roof with Help from the Pros

A flat roof comes with plenty of advantages, from a lower installation cost to lots of opportunities for useful design space. On the other hand, it doesn\’t last as long as a sloped roof and requires regular maintenance to avoid drainage problems.

If you\’re still unsure which roof is right for you, contact our roofing professionals to get their expert opinion. Not only can we help you choose the perfect type of roof, but we can install it for you as well.

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