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Drip, Drip, Drip: How to Identify and Fix a Metal Roof Leak

Of all of the problems that can occur in businesses, a roof leak is one of the worst. As they go on, they leave a wave of destruction that can reach all levels of the business. This damage can quickly become dangerous to live around on several levels and expensive to fix.

The best thing you can do with a leak is to catch it early so you can start to repair it before any damage is done. But finding a metal roof leak isn\’t always easy as it can happen in less-used areas of the business or be very slow, almost unnoticeable drips. No matter what, it\’s a good idea to always have your eyes out for a potential issue.

We\’ve created this guide to help you know how to identify a roof leak and how to fix a roof leak so you can minimize the damage!

Signs You Have a Leak

There are a few signs that very clearly indicate that you have a leak in your roof, like if there is water pouring from your ceiling. But not all signs will jump out at you and it\’s good to know the more subtle things to look for.

Roof leaks will always lead to some form of water damage so keep your eye out for any bubbling, staining, or discoloration you see on the ceilings or tops of the walls. You may also smell a musty, wet smell (which will be stronger during rain) in the room with the leak. Bouncy floors can also indicate an excess of water.

Not all roof leak signs are found inside the business either, you can spot problems from the outside if you look close enough. If you notice missing areas, rust spots, holes, or cracks, it\’s important to check out the area inside the business near that for any water damage as soon as you can.

Leak Causes

The signs of a leaky roof you can see vary but there is an even wider range of causes. There\’s no way to cover every single way you could develop a problem but we\’re going to cover some of the most common causes¬†quickly.

Obviously, a hole in your roof is going to be the cause that happens most often. But holes can get there in a variety of ways and knowing them can help you identify the problem much quicker. A hole can be created from hail or other weather damage, shifting materials, improper installation, wear and tear from traffic, or using low-quality roofing materials.

It\’s a great idea to regularly inspect your roof for any potential issues so that you can either repair before a problem or catch the problem very early on.

Roof Leak Repair Options

A lot of times, finding the leak is the easy part of the task. Leak repair can be a little bit trickier, especially if you\’ve never handled a job like that before on your business.

The great thing about a metal roof is, generally, the damaged portion of the roof can be removed and replaced with a new section. On occasion, if the damage is small enough, a patch can be placed to avoid a complete overhaul. But it\’s important to make sure that the patch gets the whole area and doesn\’t accidentally miss any spots.

A successful roof repair looks as tight and sealed off as possible to avoid the same problem in the future.

Time to Call a Professional

While repairing your roof on your own sounds like a great plan, sometimes the knowledge and skillset required to get the job done aren\’t there. And sometimes, you just plain don\’t want to handle it on your own. When that\’s the case, it\’s time to call in a professional roof repair service.

The roof is one of the most important aspects of a business, so if you feel in over your head at all with the repairs it\’s worth it to call in a professional team.

A roofing team will be able to access the damage, make the best plan for resolution, gather all supplies, and get the job done in a timely manner. It\’s likely that they\’ll guarantee their work with a warranty as well. This will all give you peace of mind and confidence that your business will be safe and functioning properly once again.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Metal roof maintenance is an important step to avoiding major water damage throughout your business. We\’ve already talked about the most important maintenance task, which is to regularly inspect your roof. But there are a few other steps that can help extend the life of your roof as well.

Tree branches can have an awful effect on roofs if left unattended. They can scratch away at the finish, wearing down the integrity of the metal as they go. Their debris can also hide problems so they go unattended to leading to further damage. It\’s best to keep them trimmed and off of the roof.

Regularly cleaning off the roof, especially after a big snowfall, can also help protect it against wearing out quickly.

The better you take care of your roof, the longer it will last and the fewer repairs you\’ll have to do overall. It\’s always worth the extra effort and time to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place.

How to Handle Your Metal Roof Leak

Taking care of a business is a big job, there always seems to be something that could be worked on. But some tasks should always jump to the top of your to-do list when they come up. And that definitely includes a metal roof leak.

While there are things you can do to minimize your risk of a problem, the chance of a roof leak can\’t be completely eliminated. So it\’s key to be prepared with a plan to handle one as soon as they come up. And part of that plan should be choosing a professional team to take care of the too big jobs.

If you\’re in need of any roofing services and want to work with a qualified, professional team in Wisconsin, contact us today!

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