Maintaining the roof over your head is one of the most important things to ensure, especially as the cold winter approaches. If you have a metal roof, there are specific checks you should do to keep it intact and your employees safe. As the climate fluctuates and becomes more unpredictable, we all need to become more diligent with this.

It’s good to take proper measures before winter hits and not during. You can expect more serious problems to creep in if you don’t. Read on to learn how to prepare.

Common Metal Roof Problems During Winter

How do cold weather, ice, and snow affect a metal roof? The freezing and thawing process creates many problems, so don’t underestimate mother nature in this regard. These issues also shorten the life of the roof, which means a replacement would be in your future if they aren’t prevented.


Condensation happens when warm air meets a cooler surface. If your building isn’t properly insulated, you’re going to be looking at a perfect recipe for condensation. When this happens near your roof mold and mildew can result, damaging your business’s interior structure.


Ventilation is something you should factor in during your roof inspection. When roofs aren’t properly ventilated, the roof can be damaged along with the wood decking. It can cause ice dams as well, decreasing your roofing system’s lifespan.

Strong Winds

Our region experiences strong wind storms. We can become overly confident in the integrity of our roofs when they sweep through, but if you aren’t diligent with roof care you could end up with loose roof material. Blown debris can cause damage to roof material.

After a storm, contact a roofing expert for a roof inspection right away.

Roof Flashing Leaks

Poorly installed flashing, or older flashing, can cause leaks. These are strips of metal installed on the front edge, ridges, and corners of our roof. You’ll notice them near skylights and chimneys as well. They can separate from the roof causing water to find its way in, so check the flashing every 6 months or so.

Icicles/Ice Dams

During sunny days with temps below freezing, icicles form and can clog your downspouts and gutters. Ice dams can occur when the upper roof thaws and the lower roof is still frozen. This results in water seepage under seams,
which causes leaks.

Roof Inspection List

The midwest is known for its heavy snowfalls and varying conditions. We’re good at dealing with this winter wonderland and enjoy it for its winter sports opportunities, etc. However, a force like winter is strong, so we must prepare accordingly.

Let’s learn how you can strengthen your metal roof systems before winter blows into town.

Remove Debris

Clean up any debris you notice in your gutters or on the roof or hire a professional roof cleaner. This includes pine needles, branches, twigs, leaves, and even dirt. If you leave this to rot, you’ll have fungus, mold, and mildew growing on the roof membrane.

Debris can also lead to build-up of icicles and ice dams.

Framework Strength

A professional roofing assessment is like valuable insurance for your roof. This ounce of prevention can save you money. They’ll be able to notice any sagging or other types of trouble before winter arrives, preventing roof leaks and more. Here are some inspections to consider:

  • Flashing
  • Roof valleys
  • Gutters
  • Sealant

Let’s get more in-depth with these inspections so you can understand a bit more about winter damage prevention. Flashing is the most common leaky area as we mentioned above, so take your time inspecting it, especially around skylights and chimneys. Let’s take a look at the rest now.

Roof Valleys

Your roof valleys need to be cleared of accumulated debris to decrease the weight that is pressing down on them. We can perform professional roof maintenance to help you take care of this. We’ll remove the snow and ice so you don’t have to worry about your roof collapsing or leaking over the cold season.


You’ll need a keen eye to notice loose attachments and sagging. These will affect how water drains towards the downspouts. Diligent care of gutters will prevent the damage dominoes from falling, so hire a professional for reliable winter preparation.


Just like anything else, roofing caulk and sealants will wear out and crack over time. Check the integrity of these to prevent leakage. Parts that are surrounded by sealant include pumping stacks, antennas, chimneys, and vents. This is a normal part of metal roof repair.

Winter Roof Damage Can Be a Thing of the Past!

Metal roofs can withstand hail and snow. Click here to get a free quote from Yutzy Roofing, LLC.