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The Do\’s and Don\’ts of Metal Roof Maintenance

A metal roof can last from 40 to 70 years. They also have several advantages, including being fire-resistant and energy efficient. Because of these traits and others, metal types of roofs are highly popular.

However, to get all the advantages of metal roofs, commercial building owners need to take care of them properly. They must follow proper metal roof maintenance procedures. Read on to learn some of the do\’s and don\’ts of metal roof maintenance.

Do Metal Roof Inspections

You can avoid the cost of major roofing repairs by spotting minor issues. Once you catch smaller cracks, loose membranes, etc., you can quickly call a roof repair service and get the problem fixed. The small problem will then fail to grow into a bigger one and cost you more to repair.

You can spot any minor roof damage via regular roof inspections during your work shifts. A few times a year, you should get on a ladder and climb up to where you can easily inspect the entire roof of your building. You can use binoculars or another view-enhancing device to get a clear view of all the minor details.

You mustn\’t walk on your roof when you\’re performing a roof inspection. Doing so can stress your roof and cause damage.

In addition, you should also stay off your commercial building\’s roof to avoid major injuries. These are more likely to occur when you\’re not an expert roofer.

Do Gutter Cleaning

Water needs to stay off your building\’s roof. Many issues can occur if the liquid is left to pool. The weight of the water can strain your roof\’s supports, for instance.

All commercial metal types of roofs are slanted, even flat roofs. This helps water flow towards the ground rather than stay on the roof. However, before the water can reach the ground, it often must travel through a gutter.

The problem is that leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up in the gutters. When this occurs, the debris can block the water\’s path. Therefore, debris must not be allowed to build up in the gutter.

You can prevent this from happening by cleaning the gutter yourself as part of your regular work routines. There are many techniques that you can use to do this. Just make sure that you follow proper safety protocols as well.

Do Tree Branch Trimming

Tree branches are one of the most destructive threats to your commercial roof\’s integrity. These can fall onto it. If the branch is heavy enough, it may even create cracks in your roof\’s surface that will let water in.

You can\’t prevent the wind from dropping far-traveling branches onto your roof. You can, however, prevent overhanging branches from hitting your roof.

If your commercial building\’s property has trees, check the location of their branches. Are some of them hanging over your commercial metal roof? If so, get on a ladder and trim them off.

Make sure that you have a way to catch the branches as they fall, though. You don\’t want to cause roof damage while you\’re trying to prevent roof damage.

Don\’t Attempt Roof Repairs Yourself

If you\’re a business owner with a tight budget, you may think that you can save money by patching roof cracks, reattaching membranes, etc. yourself. You can be fully successful with these attempts. It\’s unlikely you will be, though.

You can watch all the DIY videos and articles you want. You won\’t get the quality roofing repairs for your commercial building that a professional can give you. Nothing will replace years of roofing experience.

On top of that, your attempts can make the damage worse. In this situation, you may have to pay for major repairs and/or restoration. Even if you have this money in your business\’s budget, it\’s probably better for you to spend the money elsewhere.

The best way to get roof damage fixed is to hire professional metal roof roofers. Their knowledge and experience guarantee that you get effective roof repairs.

Don\’t Use Spray Paints on Your Roof

Add protective material to your commercial metal roof if you need or want to spray paint your commercial building. Any spray paint that gets onto your roof will be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. This paint can cause your roof to look less attractive.

Do you want to spray paint your roof? Don\’t! Even the tiniest bit of wind can cause the paint to move and cause unattractive unevenness.

It\’s best to use long rollers to paint your roof during your work shift. You can use brushes, but using them would probably entail walking on your roof, which you should avoid. Also, make sure that you use professional-approved paint and sealants for this work.

Again, though, you\’ll get the best paint job from a professional roofing company. DIY metal roof painting won\’t end up looking as good.

Don\’t Use Abrasive Cleaners on Your Roof

You can clean your roof during your business\’s work hours. However, there are right ways to do this and wrong ways to do this.

If you want to remove debris, you should get a roof rake. Don\’t walk on the roof to remove large pieces of roof debris yourself. Also, be gentle and careful when using the rake so that you don\’t scratch the roof\’s surface.

You can probably use water and a cleaning solution to wash away smaller pieces of debris. This can also help with stains to a degree. Just be sure that the cleaning solution isn\’t abrasive as these can wear away your roof\’s surface.

You should also avoid using power washers. These can cause dents in your roof. A regular garden hose is fine.

Get Quality Commercial Metal Roof Maintenance, Repairs, and Restoration From Us

A commercial metal roof is often an expensive investment. You should want to make sure that you get your money\’s worth. Hiring professional roofers when necessary is important, but you can help the metal roof remain effective by performing simple metal roof maintenance actions.

When you need professionals to repair your roof in Appleton, Green Bay, Eau Clare, and many other Wisconsin cities, consider using our services. We provide expert commercial roofing restoration services using quality materials and workmanship. Contact us now for a free price quote.

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